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Safety is FIRST with us

Our team learned about safety the hard way. During the 2006 build one season, one of our Mentors was making some minor repairs to a design on the robot and injured himself. He was pushing a small piece of aluminum through a table saw and partway through, the piece of aluminum was kicked back by the table saw and he nearly lost two of his fingers. With this, it started a major turn of events in FIRST with safety. When FIRST heard of this, they started the strong safety measures which are in effect now. During the 2006 Great Lakes Regional, guards and protection for moving parts were required for the first time. The Mentor who was injured was the poster child for safety that year and the whole team learned an important lesson in SAFETY.

Our program has implemented a Safety Captain, and we review safety rules regularly. We strive to protect both mentors and students alike with our safety practices. If any person goes against the rules for safety they will be asked to leave. There is no room for error in this important issue. Every member is issued safety glasses and are required to use them. They are told not to use any power tool unless an adult is present. All safety guards are not to be removed, and all pieces are to be safely clamped. The power to the robot will not be turned on unless all hands, feet and hair are clear. Since implementing the safety program our FRC team has won many safety wards and robotics competitions.

FIRST considers Safety to be a key component of the FIRST Robotics Competition. All teams are asked to have a Safety Captain as part of the team structure. This individual may be identified via a badge, provided by FIRST at the Regional Competitions and Championship.

All Members must read the safety manual
















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